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Most Interesting Note I’ve Ever Received…

"You’re cool, relaxed, and not a complete asshole. If you like books…"

Very few people think about the ontology of a book, as in, the nature of its ontology. A book is not just a conglomeration of ink splattered pages, but it contains the consciousness of the present and past. The significance here is the significance of power (consciousness is power!). Why not eat every mushroom in the forest? —-a child would eat every mushroom in the forest except for the fact of a certain instilled-consciousness.

The ontology of a book is the ontology of the prospect of power (the potential is there), everything depends upon the nature of the book… the format, the medium guarantees the value in relation to our species.

What is a book to the mind-organ of a human creature? I can say Shakespeare means nothing to a Caterpillar, but unto us a book means everything.

What if the Caterpillar could fly away from the bird? A book allows us to fly away from existence as a predator (or to overcome the power of the predator of existence). The format, as relevant to our species, has the potential to give man a greater mastery over himself and the universe. I know of very few mediums, if any, which offer the same resolution (one could cite the act of community-dialectic).

When man wants to know the best medium is often that of a book; and the power of the format of a book, is not merely that man wants to know, but that he has no choice—- in order to survive man must know!


Posted on Friday, September 7th 2012